We live in an ever-changing economy, with frequent updates in the law, and then life can throw you any number of unforeseen events, it is critical to have the proper estate planning protections in place to ensure that you and your family will be taken care of now and in the future.

Everyone has great intensions of completing their estate planning; however, if you fail to plan for the future interests of your family and loved ones, the Florida probate courts will establish a plan for you. The way in which the court will dispose of your hard-earned assets may not be the way you want them disposed.

Whether you are looking to protect your assets, plan for incapacity, appoint guardians for your minor children, ensure a smooth transition of your business, or designate charitable gifting, the Busbin Law Firm can assist you to design an estate plan that helps to avoid lengthy and costly probate, minimize estate taxes, and privately pass your assets and establish your legacy.

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